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Tourism on S. Caicos

Sarah Alef on Thursday, 24 July 2008. Posted in Study Abroad

Today we went on a tour of all the developments that are currently being built on S. Caicos.  The island is mostly desert, so right now it doesn't experience a lot of tourism.  The developments are seeking to change all that, but we want to evaluate the potential impact that this could have on the environment.  Currently, the only industry on S. Caicos is conch and lobster fishing, although there is a push to begin fishing some of the deep sea fish here.  Several decades ago, S. Caicos' main export was salt, which was mined in salt fields called salinas.  Today, the salinas sit empty, and S. Caicos actually imports salt. We climbed in the back of a truck (that's how we travel here) and drove to the only locally owned development on the island, and then to the old salinas.  You can see the main (and only) town on S. Caicos in the background.


We crossed the salinas on foot to a place called the Boiling Hole, which is where (when the salinas were active) water would rise up from the sea at high tide and flood the salinas.  At low tide, the water would be pulled back out, leaving the salt behind.  There's not really much to see at the Boiling Hole, but it's a historical point of interest and an important piece of history to S. Caicos.


After we went to the Boiling Hole, we drove out to a cliff, where you can view the entire east side of the island.  We hiked up a hill that seemed like it was all sand in order to enjoy this spectacular view at the top:


At the top, we posed for a group picture, except we decided to pretend we were lobsters!