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Trade Group for Game Industry

Joe Conley on Monday, 13 February 2006.

Some leading video game industry recruitment firms have decided to create a trade group to help further their cause and the cause of game industry workers.

"The gaming industry has, for nearly three decades now, been primarily a domain of eager young men, willing to work long hours for the chance to be behind the scenes at their favorite hobby. However, like the movie and television industries before it, the gaming world is growing up. Workers are now entering their 30s, 40s and even 50s, and finding that family responsibilities and other interests are now at odds with the job they once loved."

David Musgrove, the first president of the newly formed Professional Electronic Entertainment Recruiters or PEERs states:

"I don't think unions are the proper solution for this industry. The solution is to continue to offer the benefits of a free marketplace to candidates in the industry. If employees are allowed free reign to offer their services and given free access to information about compensation and benefits being offered by game development companies, they can take advantage of better opportunities. One way to provide that information is through external recruiting."

It's not everything game industry workers dreamed of, but it's a start. Maybe one day, if I get a job working as a game programmer, I wouldn't have to work 70 hour weeks, and I'd have time for a family. That'd be kinda nice.