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Tropical Storm coming

Kahle Toothill on Thursday, 20 July 2006.

There is a slight chance that we'll get hit with a tropical storm this weekend. It was near Montauk, Long Island this morning and on its way to Boston. (I'm in the middle of these two locals) Hopefully it vears into the Atlantic because I want to have a sunshiney weekend. Last weekend was BEAUTIFUL. My parents came up to visit/vaca a little bit. We went to Block Island, Narraganssett and Newport. I got a little too much sun (if that's even possible =P ) While in Newport, we went sailing and there must have been a race going on because there were tons of Rolex sponsered race boats, including the Corageous who won America's Cup several times. We sailed right past them and they waved! Everyone waves to each other on the water, it's kind of fun. We also saw the American Eagle which was Ted Turner's practice boat. I absolutely love sailing. Here is a pic of the Corageous team:

Here is a pic of my dad and I on The Madelline:

Yesterday my friend Amy and I got out of work around 2pm and we went to the Providence Place Mall in Providence, RI. I love it there! We ended up spending a little too much money but we did find some good buys in Banana Republic, one of our favorite stores.

It's about time for a new computer for me since mine is 4 years old now. I purchased it with my graduation money from highschool and let's just say it was a little outdated when I got it so now after some years, it's practically a fossil. I've been looking at the new Mac Books with the dual processor so you can run Tiger OSX or Windows. Wow I just sounded like an RIT computer geek. haha. That happens sometimes! At least I have a good amount of knowledge about computers now from going to RIT that I can shop around and pick out a good one that will last me and that fits my needs.