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U-HAUL on Move-Out Day

Alissa Anderson on Wednesday, 11 May 2011. Posted in Academic Calendar, Student Life, Vacation / Break, Women at RIT

A lot can be said about a person based on their move-in / move-out day habits. A "Type A" mover is someone who organizes a train of boxes in boxes in boxes - where every nook and crannie is divided and stored in a specific location. A "Type B" mover, relocates in trash bags (which may or may not just end up in the garbage if it does not fit in the car) or travels without luggage - by filling the car with loose items. When I was a first year student on campus, my parents were very insistent on Type A moving - I had to have everything packed and orderly before their arrival on campus so that move-out would be quick and efficient (must be part of the engineer in me).... my roommate, on the other hand, was Type B and unloaded her side of the room by carrying arm fulls of clothing from the dresser to the backseat of her car.

My goal this year was to fit everything for the year in one car (my tiny Suzuki SX4). As a result, I mad sacrifices in early August about what was essential for the year (co-op in the fall, and then the residence halls winter and spring). I was successful when I moved in the fall, and again in the winter... the trick is fitting everything in the car for the end of spring... some how campus is a place where belongings multiply and nothing seems to fit in the car.... but we will cross that bridge after finals are over, so stay tuned.

The spark for the subject just appeared in my twitter feed (@RIT_Alissa)... one of my floor mates just purchased a U-HAUL to transport her dorm belongings... AND she ordered it two weeks early to ensure she would have enough time to move.

Whether you plan to sport the U-HAUL on move-in day this August, or if you plan to do all your shopping when you arrive in Rochester, freshmen move-in day is one of the most memorable days of your college college experience - and a great kick-off to Orientation Week.

Get Packing!