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Unique Majors

Ashley Hennigan on Wednesday, 11 June 2008. Posted in Majors & Minors

    Tigers have a huge advantage studying at a category of one university. The wide range of academic program choices coupled with the Institute's innovative spirit  puts a unique spin on traditional academic majors and allows for new majors to be developed.

Here are some majors you may have never heard before:

Packaging Science
These students are study package development, sales, purchasing, structural design, production, research and marketing.

The program was developed as a result of a close and long-established relationship between the packaging industry and RIT. This multibillion-dollar industry exhibits dynamic growth and provides employment for thousands of men and women with wide-ranging skills and expertise.

Packaging is increasingly related to total marketing concepts; it has even greater dependence on new developments in materials and processes. Therefore, the industry requires management personnel with creativity and a strong background in business, engineering and science.

Packaging Science students in the news

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Medical Informatics

RIT’s BS degree in medical informatics is one of only a few programs in the United States that responds to the increasing use of computers in every aspect of heath care, as well as biomedical research and education.

The program trains students to develop computer applications for laboratory analyses, medical information systems, medical research, education and solutions to clinical problems. Students learn to provide computing support to medical professionals and communicate effectively in a variety of health-care settings.

Students can choose one of two tracks: computer science, for those students interested primarily in developing computer software for medicine, or information technology, for those interested in providing computer support for clinical information systems, databases, networks and Web applications.

More information including a Pre-Med option!

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Imaging and Photographic Technology
The imaging and photographic technology curriculum blends a contemporary photography program with specialized education in technical, professional, industrial and scientific imaging applications to prepare students for entry into a variety of picturemaking and related imaging technologies. Imaging and technical skills are complemented by course work in mathematics, computing, science, technical writing and the liberal arts.

Other Photography programs at RIT

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Graphic Media Marketing
The program in graphic media marketing is incorporates marketing, imaging, graphic arts, information systems and management. The program covers the current and future state of the graphic communications industry. This program is designed to meet the graphic imaging industry need for broadly educated marketing and management professionals. This is a joint program between the Saunders College of Business and the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences.

Co-op and placement positions are typically in companies with an imaging or retail focus in their business. Companies that hire students include:

Microelectronic Engineering

uns8.jpgThe Kate Gleason College of Engineering developed the first bachelor of science degree program in microelectronic engineering, and continues to provide highly educated and skilled engineers for the semiconductor industry. Semiconductor microelectronics technology remains important for the world economy. Support for this industry is important for the nation’s economic growth, long-term security and preparing and maintaining a capable high-tech workforce.

International Studies

The international studies program is designed for those whose career demands an understanding of global issues, how these issues play out in different regions of the world and how we can promote equitable and sustainable development in the future. This program was established with one overriding conceptual notion: the need for cross-disciplinary approaches to the challenges of global problems. The program requires courses in at least one foreign language as well as a study abroad experience.

Foreign Languages at RIT

Study Abroad at RIT

This major represents the marriage of biotechnology and the computing sciences. Bioinformaticists use computers to analyze, organize and visualize biological data in ways that increase our understanding of this data and lead to new discoveries. Graduates receiving the BS degree are well qualified for many rewarding careers, including those in bioinformatics software development, biomedical research, biotechnology, comparative genomics, genomics, molecular imaging, pharmaceutical research and development, proteomics and vaccine development.

Endless co-op and internship opportunities

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