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Until Next Time...

Jeff Maher on Monday, 05 June 2006.

It's begun. That time of year that always seems to be different compared to the rest of the year. Blisteringly warm weather, seeing new places, and trying the untried. This summer looks to follow that pattern.

In about a week, I'll be shipping off for Washington D.C. to teach computer classes at Georgetown University for iD Tech Camps. While I think that I'll ultimately miss the cool Rochester summer, exploring D.C. on the weekends should more than make up for it. This co-op also comes with the added bonus of not taking place inside a cubicle. Wish me luck!

With this said, I will likely not be posting anything until I return to RIT in late August or early September. Hope your respective summers are already off to a good start and for those who will be in Rochester come the school year, I look forward to seeing you later.