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Cynthia Roberts on Monday, 17 March 2008. Posted in Study Abroad

Some fascinating news:

Saint Patrick's day was officially moved from today (the 17th) to last Saturday (the 15th) by the Pope.  Why you ask?  Apparently, a Saint's day cannot fall on a holy week.  Why is this important?  Because holidays are fun, and any excuse to celebrate a holiday twice is better.

I would also like to mention:

I work in the office with the super wonderful Jim.  He has decided that in the realm of this office it is opposite world.  This basically means that to him O and A are now switched.  Meaning basically that he has now given me 4 ideas of what to write in my "blag".  Thanks Jim.  Since most of the admissions decisions have now been made and mailed out, there isn't much work to do in our office (we deal with the incoming supplements to applications.  ex. transcripts) so we must find other ways to occupy ourselves.  Hence the opposite world.

We also began collecting a mighty impressive stamp collection.  To those of you in foreign countries, or really anyone with a cool stamp, send it our way.

Last bit:

I got accepted into the study abroad program soooo....I'M GOING TO ITALY THIS SUMMER.  If you are thinking of going abroad, I seriously reccomend researching the different options.  RIT has affiliations with 3 different universities.  This means we can use their abroad program and they can use ours.  I'm going through Arcadia.  i picked Arcadia because a. the program is in Florence and b. they put you up in furnished apartments in downtown Florence.  Which is way more exciting to me than living in dorms. 

Additionally, I have family around Europe who have offered me places to stay.  So I'm planning on staying in Europe through August.  Expect some really amazing pictures this summer.