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Valentines Day

Kahle Toothill on Thursday, 16 February 2006. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

So I had a blast last weekend. On Friday, I went to Don Pablos with my new member class and Zack. Since Amanda was in from co-op in Rhode Island we decided to celebrate. Sam and I ordered the house margheritas to go with the mexican chow. They were huge! I'll post a picture as soon as I can find one. Well after we were full, we went off campus to hang out with some friends. We didn't end up staying long since we were sleepy after eating all those chips and salsa. :-P Then on Saturday I went to see the Vagina Monolouges with Nic. I've never seen them before but since they perform them here on campus I thought I'd go see them. I don't think Nic liked them very much, but he didn't complain. After the "show" we went to Fridays and had some buffalo chicken strips and potato skins. Totally bad for you, but hey... there're just some days where you just have to not calories.

So Valentines Day... I got amazing pretty pink roses and Godiva chocolates. AND since I had no time to go out for dinner (I had class until 8pm and then had to study for an exam the next morning) Nic got Macaroni Grill takout. It was so sweet!

I also had an interview for OA lead last week. I was an Orientation Assistant last year and wanted the lead position, but I don't think I'll get it. The interview was short and I felt like the questions were so redundant so I proactically answered them all the same. Oh well, I hope I get to still do OA this year. Here's a pic of some of the COS OAs last summer. We had so much fun during the week of training and Orientation.


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