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Valuable Educational Resources

Shane O'Shea on Tuesday, 15 November 2016. Posted in Coursework, Majors & Minors, Student Life

As a college student, it’s super great having access to tons of learning resources and equipment  that I can use without having to necessarily buy it all myself. In my major, 3D Digital Design, we have what’s known as an equipment cage. An equipment cage is basically just a big room filled with all sorts of equipment and hardware to help aid us in our projects. RIT is filled with different equipment cages around campus, and what’s nice about that is that not all of them come at any cost to you! Depending on your major and if you still want to access that equipment later on, you can just pay a materials fee per semester to still have access to rent out specific pieces of equipment. The cage for my major in 3D has everything from cameras, microphones, game systems, projectors, and so much more. Not having to buy a camera because I have a project to do, is a super important resource on a college student's budget. 


In addition to hardware, RIT provides my major (as well as many others) the ability to access and have a subscription to super great tutorial websites such as and Pluralsight - which I is an RIT serivce I really like. This way, if I ever need to look up a certain technique or learn a new skill, I can use that in conjunction with the hardware from the cage and have the creative freedom to pretty much do and learn anything I want. 


Just this semester, my computer lab became a twenty-four-hour lab, which allows me to come in on my own time if I please and do more work. I use the labs a whole lot to push out my assignments with quality, and having that lab access is an invaluable tool to making sure I’m getting things done to the best of my ability.


In addition to the labs, I know that not too long ago, the Wallace Library here on campus also became a twenty-four-hour building - which my friends and I use heavily. Especially when it comes to midterms and big group projects, the library will always be an important knowledge base and great foundation for scholarly research and group collaboration. The rooms that they have on reserve for private studying are also a great touch, because you can really buckle down and focus on your goals. 


What I enjoy the most about how RIT supports my learning, is that RIT provides all of these different tools and means for me to create, and learn. I don’t need to fight for supplies, or spend my whole paycheck on subscriptions to websites that will help me learn the things I want to learn. They have these tools for all students in all majors so that they can be the best they can be without running into roadblocks, which I am forever grateful for!