Want To Be A Math Or Science Teacher? Come To RIT!

on Thursday, 07 May 2009. Posted in Coursework, Institute Requirements

When considering colleges, some students interested in being teachers may not immediately think of RIT.  But, those students may want to take another look.  RIT and Nazareth College just announced a partnership to increase the number of math and science teachers by allowing qualified undergraduate RIT students to take graduate-level coursework at Nazareth that would allow them to work towards their Master of Science in Education while still completing coursework in their math or science Bachelors degree at RIT. After graduating from RIT, students can then continue their studies at Naz leading to an initial teacher certification in Inclusive Early Childhood, Childhood or Adolescence Education.   Want to hear more?  Read the press release at: http://www.rit.edu/news/?v=46781.