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Week 1: Symbols & Icon Design

Emily Okey on Thursday, 09 September 2010. Posted in Coursework, Student Life

Week one is officially over (classwise for me anyway). 

Unlike going back to high school after a long summer break, we really just jump right back into things. Monday morning at 8:00 was my rude awakening back to school. It turned out to be alright because it's one of my core graphic design classes which means I'm working on things that I chose to come to college for. 

Anyway, the class is called Symbols and Icon Design so we work on.. well... symbols and icons!

Our first assignment was to take ordinary shapes (squares, triangles and circles) and turn them into basic symbols that all related to each other but we had to use the same size shape in each.

Example 1: The Starting Point


Example 2: Where I went with it

I thought it was a pretty neat first project. Clearly I could have used more time to develop symbols that looked a little more cohesive but they were supposed to be rough as we only had the class time to work on it. 

I'm excited about our next project, we're designing 6 icons that all fit together and can serve some purpose (directions in a stadium, hospital etc or even symbols that would be seen on packaging). After we design them we actually have to go out and document it in real life circumstances. 

Stay tuned for more on my classes this quarter and potentially some more design projects!