Week 5?!

Christina Brooks on Tuesday, 04 October 2011. Posted in Student Life

It's already Week 5 here at RIT, which seems crazy because it feels like classes just started last week! Halfway through the fall quarter and I can feel the heat. No, not heat literally because we have been getting lots of rain and clouds the past week (my rain boots have been my best friend), but the heat of the schoolwork!

This quarter it somehow magically worked out that I only have classes Monday-Wednesday. Yes, that means I have a 4 day weekend. And I'm not gonna lie, it's really awesome. While Monday-Wednesday are pretty busy, jammed with classes, I have all of Thursday to catch up on missed sleep, get a good amount of homework done before the weekend, and get all of my meetings and such done. If only every quarter would work out that way!

Anyways, so far this quarter has been really awesome! I love my classes and I've gotten, if I do say so myself, pretty good at time management. Apartment life is a lot fun and my roommate are really cool. A big change for me this quarter is I'm pledging a sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha. I absolutely love it! It's tons of fun, the girls are great, and it's fun to get involved on campus! 

While I don't have many finished projects yet, I'll be posting my polished pieces from some of my classes in the coming weeks so keep checking back! =)

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