Week 8 Crazies!

Christina Brooks on Thursday, 27 October 2011. Posted in Coursework

It’s almost the end of Week 8 and I still can’t believe it. Three more weeks and it’s Thanksgiving break! Because it’s the end of the quarter, the work is piling up like mad! My final projects and papers have all been assigned, but not the only problem is finding time to do them all! Granted, I love my classes and I know these projects will make me a better designer, but with them all assigned at once its definitely no walk in the park. However, this quarter has been great so far and I’m pretty satisfied with some of the work I have done.

In my Typography class, our last project was to do two different type terms posters. Taking two opposite typefaces, we had to create posters using the type face in a creative way. We were allowed to use graphics or illustrate pictures but I decided to just use the typeface alone.And here’s the result of my efforts! =)



For my Intro to Digital Animation class our final project is a 30 second animation done in Adobe’s After Effects program. This is the first time this quarter ever using this program and I love it so far! Definitely one of my favorite Adobe products so far. Here’s my storyboard for my final animation about being a “typical” Canadian. It’s a funny look on how naiive Americans think Canadians are and is just playing off of that. The storyboard is rough, but the final animation will be a lot better - and of course animated!


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