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week EIGHT

Amanda Lasicki on Monday, 23 October 2006.

Registration was painful at best this morning. Honestly. Why can’t they just make it at midnight? That would make so much more sense. It’s technically the start of the day and I don’t think anybody would mind that change at all. Most people are still awake then and the ones who aren’t would just have to stay up a bit later than normal. Staying up late is a lot easier to do than waking up early.

ABC basically made my life. They have episodes of wonderful shows like Housewives and Grey’s available to watch on their website. Last year they were both aired on Sunday night so I would just chill in my room and watch TV while doing homework. This year Grey’s is on Thursday nights while I’m still at class and Housewives is on right in the middle of my photo house meeting.

As I’ve written before, I have a minor problem of losing things. My class ring is still gone. Friday I came home and went to upload my pictures from the photo house moustache party only to find my digital camera not in my bag. Definitely not cool. I couldn’t even remember where I had last had it. I was pretty sure it was in Steve’s room but he said he looked all over because he had lost his memory card and he said it wasn’t there. It turned out it was. It was under his bed. But really, this losing stuff business has to stop.

So wanna hear a funny story? It’s almost as funny as missing the bus. It’s called I went to the bus stop ten minutes early and then it didn’t come. In fact, no bus came at all this morning. So I wound up running home and waking my roommate up so she could drive me to school in time for a test. And then I found five dollars. Well, not really, but I felt the need to spice up the story.

My schedule for next quarter is pretty decent. On Monday I don’t have to be at school until two, on Tuesday ten, and then the rest of the days ten. Not too shabby.