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Week Ten: Final Projects + Quarter Review

Emily Okey on Monday, 20 February 2012. Posted in Coursework

It’s that dreaded time again. Finals week looms and projects/homework/tests are piling up to an all time high. And while I know that I can make it through the week, it won’t be pretty.

Someone (me) had the brilliant idea to take 19 credits (required load is 12). Why? I ask myself that daily now. Somehow throughout the quarter it seemed busy but not completely ridiculous. However, recently the to-do lists are stacking up & sleep is little and far between. In all seriousness, I have enjoyed the projects I’ve worked on so far this quarter.

I’ve had the chance to work on the staff for the Positive Negative magazine that designers & photographers. I’m working on the iPad team which means that in addition to the 3 editorial spreads I worked on, we’re creating an iPad version of the magazine. Pretty new and exciting but it’s a lot of work! Will have to post about that later because we don’t have the final magazine up online yet but there will be a website and everything you can go to in order to see it.
In Packaging Design, I’m working on a team with 5 other people from Packaging Science + Industrial Design. We’ve been working on an almost quarter long project to create a redesign for Wegman’s Organic Juice line. This has included everything from the graphics for the labels, the presentation, a real model of the bottle and many other elements. Lots of work but it’s also really nice to have a project that feels more real world. Not to mention we’re actually presenting it to people from Wegman & American Packaging on Wednesday! Lots of last minute things to work on for that.

In Interactive design this quarter I worked on a responsive website for a blog reader that’s compatible with iPhones & iPads. The second and current project is an After Effects animation walking someone through an app we’ve designed. I’m doing an app for people taking road trips (put simply).


In my business course we’ve been working on a quarter long project of building a website for a business that we’ve created. We were supposed to build it in Wordpress but I had actually previously told my boyfriend that I’d make his portfolio site so for my project I customized a Wordpress blog as well as created a portfolio site in Dreamweaver. Fun coding (nerdy) things but probably not the brightest idea :) I did learn a lot more about javascript/jquery photo galleries in the process.


Another course I’m taking is Independent Study. When you get to be a senior in graphic design, you’re able to work with a professor of your choice on a project that you come up with. I’ve really been struggling all quarter with my project but I think I’ve finally gotten a solid concept (of course, I would come up with it Wednesday night a week before it’s due).



Not to mention the 7 page paper for art history that I just found out about...

The lovely part of week ten is knowing that the end is SO SOON!