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Weekend Shenanigans: Hockey, Fire Alarms & Sleep

Emily Okey on Saturday, 17 January 2009. Posted in Athletics, Student Life

I freaking love weekends. As much as I love them, I’m really glad for weekdays because they provide contrast and remind me how much I enjoy free time. Friday consisted of waking up late, going to work, going to an OA meeting, working some more, then a hockey game! If you had asked me a year ago, I never would have thought I would be as sports obsessed as I am now. I basically spend my entire week waiting for Friday and Saturday nights J 

Before the hockey game, I met up with my roommate to go to Gracie’s for dinner—they had French toast for dinner. Yum! Plus they had kiwi and mangoes, which are basically my favorite fruits ever. Walked over to Ritter Arena after dinner forthe game! We always get there about an hour early when the doors open so thatwe can get our usual seats over by the RIT bench. Yesterday we actually decided to sit over by the band and corner crew so we could cheer loudly. The game was spectacularly awesome.. really. Down by 1 point in the third period with 3minutes 52 seconds left. Came back to tie it 3-3 a minute and a half later. Then scored again in the last 10 seconds of the 3rd period. Go Tigers! They're currently on an eight-game winning streak. Hopefully that will be a nine-game winning streak after tonight! After the game we went over to the Ritz to see Open Mic night. CAB (talked about in one of my previous posts) occasionally puts on these nights as an opportunity for bands or individual people to perform. Last Wednesday we went to Acoustic Night at Java Wally's which was pretty neat.

Last night was rather adventurous. We had gotten back from Open Mic night, gotten in PJs and went to sleep. An hour later (around 2 am) the entire room starts flashing with strobe lights and the fire alarm goes off. I'm on the top bunk and let's just say when you're woken abruptly in the middle of the night the first instinct is not to climb down the correct way. Basically, I just lept off the top. Quickly grabbed a coat, boots and my keys. I'mactually not entirely sure how we made it out the door because neither Ashley (my roommate) nor I were very awake and thinking correctly. But we walked downstairs and out into the lovely 2 degree Rochester weather. I guess I had enough smarts to graba scarf on the way out so I was pretty toasty. We eventually got the idea to goin NRH and sit in the tunnels until the fire department had come and all that. To say the least, we were pretty annoyed because walking up and down 6 flightsof stairs and outside wakes you up and makes it really hard to fall back asleep. Finally got let back in only to realize that the "fire" was on ourfloor and someone had burnt popcorn.. AGAIN. Oh college life, gotta love it :) I have to say there is something amusing about hundreds of students waddling outside in PJs, robes, blankets and what not. 

Luckily after all the shenanigans last night I got to sleep in until almost noon today! That almost never happens anymore because I always have somewhere to be. My roommate and I threw on sweatshirts and went to the Commons (another dining place on campus) to get some brunch-- smoothies and broccoli chowder! Mmm. After breakfast, I piled on tons of clothes (as recommended in Amanda's blog..) and walked over to Barnes and Noble at Park Point to get a hot glue gun for my art project. I don't have any pictures of the project finished yet but I will say that it involves peeling and orange and pineapple and switching the peels. I think i'm going to work on homework for a while longer and then get ready for the second hockey game!!! There is also a comedy show going on later tonight. 

Busy, busy weekend! It's a wonder I ever have time for sleep Smile