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Weird, Wacky, and Wonderful Wellness Classes!

Daniel Zhou on Friday, 01 May 2015. Posted in Coursework

While you are here at RIT, each student is required to complete at least two wellness classes before they graduate. (If you’re a student transferring to RIT, only one is required). Wellness classes are the equivalent of gym class in high school. There’s a lot of different wellness classes one can take here at RIT; golf, swimming, tennis, archery, karate, and so on. However, today I will talk about the wackiest wellness classes I have ever heard of being offered here at RIT. Maple Syrup and Our Environment is a class here at RIT where you learn how to make maple syrup from trees. Yes, you read that right; maple syrup! In this class, students learn about tree identification, how trees produce sap, the way weather affects the production of sap, the history of maple syrup production, and its importance to the global economy and the human body. Students will learn how to and actually identify trees that can be tapped for maple syrup, harvesting sap, and converting harvested sap into their own maple syrup. Attendees of the class will also learn outdoor preparedness, leave no trace wilderness ethics, and how to use snowshoes. Introduction to Bees and Beekeeping is a wellness class here at RIT where you learn all about bees and beekeeping! Students of the class learn about the life cycle and social habits of honey bees, basic bee-keeping skills, how bees produce honey, the nutritional benefits of honey, the importance of honey bees to global agriculture, and Colony Collapse Disorder, a debilitating phenomenon where worker bees from a honey bee colony just up and disappear, and what can be done to reverse it. Fresh Water Fly Fishing introduces students to fly fishing skills! In this class, students identify the different species of trout, understand trout behavior, basic entomology, how to tie wet and dry fly onto the fishing lines, popular trout fishing streams in the United States, and reading stream conditions. These are just some of the wellness classes you can find here at RIT! I encourage everybody to research all the wellness classes available here at RIT to see which ones you are interested in, an take as many wellness classes as possible.