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Weird Weather in all the Wrong Places

Emily Okey on Thursday, 11 February 2010. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County

For once Rochester is not the one being hit with all of the snow! Ironically I always tell people that I moved up here for the snow when really we haven't gotten much snow at all and Maryland is being hit really hard with snow. Go figure :) It's been an oddly light snowfall year for Rochester, we've only gotten around 63 inches of snow this year. And while that number might sound big, it's over an entire season so it's really not a lot at all.

On the other hand there is Maryland.... My dad sent me these pictures the other day showing all of the snow. They got 34 inches last Friday/Saturday and then another 18-20" on Tuesday into Wednesday. Schools and pretty much everything else have been completely shut down since last Friday and for once they can justify their decision. See, usually Maryland schools cancel for anything. 1/4" of snow? An inch? Cancelled school. This time I can see why! 


A lot of colleges around that area have been closed for the whole week and to be honest it doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun. Sure, it's week 9 around here so a break sounds wonderful right about now but I'm not sure I'd enjoy being cooped up for a whole week. Speaking of it being week 9, i'm all done with classes for the week since it's Thursday night which means one more full week of classes and then 4 finals and I'm done. How weird is that? I feel like this quarter has gone super fast. I have to say that I'm ready for spring quarter though, I'm looking forward to new classes to change things up again. 

Is anyone else from the Maryland/New Jersey/Pennsylvania/Virginia area experiencing all of this snow? 

Hopefully enough snow will melt before I go home for spring break at the end of February... I have a feeling it won't look a lot like spring around there! :)