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Welcome Class of 2013

Emily Okey on Friday, 11 September 2009. Posted in Orientation, Residence Life, Student Life

Welcome to the new incoming class of 2013!! (2014 for some engineering majors) I'm not sure if we still have any of you reading the blog but in the off chance that you are, I hope your first week went well and you're starting to adjust to college! 

Okay, so this post was originally supposed to happen about two weeks ago. Obviously not the case. Week one is done already, how crazy is that? Anyway let's start at the beginning. I drove up here around the 24th of August to move in. The afternoon we moved in was the kick off dinner for orientation which seemed to consume large chunks of our time for the better part of two weeks. Between training sessions, informational meetings, team bonding, and lots and lots of ice breakers (one was literally an ice breaker involving getting things out of an ice block). After a week of training the new class of 2013 arrived. Everyone involved in orientation from here on out was running on little to no sleep-- making for very interesting conversations. Move in day started with a meeting at 6 am and WOW (week of welcome) events until midnight. 

Upstate New York skies :) 


Our bedroom (mine is on the right) we've since added loads of pictures so the walls are not quite so white. 


Our first pb&j dinner-- okay give us a break we didnt really have much food in the apartment... our cooking skills have improved already. 

My new favorite dinner broccoli, cheese, eggs & spinach, i've made it probably 5 times already. I think i've managed to eat broccoli for every meal for the past week or so (except breakfast), at least my mom doesn't have to worry about me getting my fruits and veggies :)
I'm a vegetarian and my roommate isn't, we're still working on the whole meal planning thing. Anyone have any good suggestions? 

Week one of classes went by so fast. I have the most fantastic schedule. I start classes at 1 pm on Monday and i'm done by 5 pm everyday. I do have an 8 am on Tuesday and Thursday but the fact that my Thursday is the new Friday makes it well worth it. Of course, I still have work in there so I'm not really sleeping until noon. In fact, since orientation week i've been waking up around 7 without an alarm which is super weird for me. My latest fascination is ice skating. I'm taking it as a wellness class this quarter-- having never ice skated before in my life (aside from the valentines day disco last winter but that hardly counts). Anyway, my class is two days a week for an hour each and i get to learn how to skate properly! Maybe i'll be a professional ice hockey player after all... just kidding. I went ice skating for 2 hours yesterday and an hour today because RIT has this cool thing from 12-2 every weekday for students where you can skate for free! All of this ice skating nonsense is getting me in the mood for another hockey season-- which starts October 2nd with the orange and white game. The first game against another team is October 10th for Brick City Homecoming Weekend.. it's at the blue cross arena in downtown Rochester which should be super packed and awesome! 

This weekend is looking undecided at the moment. Homework & laundry to do and groceries to buy (one of the downsides of apartment living is actually needing to plan what I want to eat for the next week in advance). I didn't have any classes today so I worked for a bit and went ice skating. I'm taking an online class this quarter so I need to do some reading and online discussion for that. Tonight is the first meeting for IV (interVarsity christian fellowship) of the quarter. I think there are some ice cream shenanigans going on afterwards. Sunday might include a trip to Charlotte Beach (about 30 minutes from RIT). 

Hope everyone's school year started off well! :)