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Wellness Classes

Becky Drexler on Sunday, 05 July 2015. Posted in Athletics

RIT requires every student to complete at least two wellness classes before they graduate. With over 500 courses available, there are a lot of options available for students. RIT also covers the first two classes up to $180 in total courses fees (as part of a full-time student's tuition). These courses range from intense physical classes to more leisure/educational classes.

Some of the outdoor education wellness courses include: kayaking, hiking, rock climbing (indoor and outdoor), bouldering, cross country skiing, and more. Other students really enjoy the lifetime recreation and leisure classes. These courses include classes such as: archery, badminton, basketball, fencing, horseback riding (off-campus), ice-skating, juggling, pickleball, and other fun activities.

I personally like taking the fitness classes to challenge myself to get a good workout. I did Core, Glutes, and Abs last semester. Taking a more physically intense class is a great way to learn new workouts. In the future, I want to try either Insanity or kickboxing. You can also rent a personal trainer for a wellness credit, which would allow you to personalize your workout.

In the fall I am signed up for the indoor rock-climbing wellness at the Red Barn. The Red Barn on campus is a barn that RIT has converted into an indoor climbing facility (and as the name implies – the barn is painted red).

When I mention wellness classes on my tours, I often get asked if varsity sports count as a wellness. According to one of the webpages associated with wellness classes, "students participating in the institute's Intercollegiate Athletic programs will be granted wellness course credit for the season(s) of participation." Student athletes, though they will most likely meet their requirements through their sport, are still encouraged to enroll in any wellness they are interested in. I would definitely recommend taking as many wellness courses as you can. They are fun, and a great way to take a break from other classes and homework.

Here a link for more information on wellness courses at RIT: