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We're friends now!!!

Brian Lopipero on Thursday, 26 April 2007.

Well it seems  like it is time for yet another post...I know it has been awhile so here it goes.  So yes it is true I'm lame.  I love facebook and i spend alot of my free time on there.  Today i did something extra nerdy on facebook.  I added a kind from one of my classes after i saw him from across the room.  5 minutes later her noticed, came over to me, and said, "We are friends now".  Only at RIT will you find kids on facebook like every second of everyday.  Anyways back to real life here at RIT.  Karen's walk is coming up, and it is an extravaganza of charity, food, music, and walking/running.  This wonderful even was started 5 years ago by the co-ed honers fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi.  This event benefits cardiomyopathy research at U of R.  This event raises also of money, but it is also fun.  There is music, food and prizes.  The winners of the run receive ipod shuffles, and there is also a raffle for all participants.  Lets not forget about those  FREE T-SHIRTS.  What college student doesn't love free clothing and food.  This is a great event...lots of fun for a great cause.




On another i would like to address the issue of health cookies at Javas.  As the devoted readers know Stacy loves these cookies but today they ran out.  I've never seen her so upset in my entire life.  Don't worry Stacy there will be another shipment soon!!!!