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What is 5 RIT Students?

Kevin Granger on Wednesday, 16 February 2011.

Let’s preface this with: what is a student ambassador?

stu·dent am·bas·sa·dor
   [stood-nt, styood-]  [am-bas-uh-der, -dawr]
An RIT student who serves as a tour guide, as well as other responsibilities for Undergraduate Admissions. These responsibilities include stuffing envelopes, staffing the front desk, or even blogging.

There are five of us who have been producing our own video series to show potential new students what it’s really like here at RIT. We do it unscripted, candid, the way it’s supposed to be: Behind the Scenes.

In reality, there are six of us. There’s Jacob, Christina, Sabrina, Megan, and I on camera, and Emily behind the scenes (behind the behind the scenes?) doing the video editing.

We blog, we film, we tweet. But the big part of our project is RIT Behind the Scenes, our weekly episodic webseries.

Each episode has a different theme to it. We started with sharing our morning routines (as well as introducing ourselves), then going to classes and majors, what we do after class, and all about wellness classes and working out at RIT.

Coming up soon, we’ve got episodes focusing on living arrangements, hockey, finals week, break week, places to eat on campus, and much much more. Not only that, but we’re open to suggestions! (Just comment on our channel, or tweet @ one of us, or comment on one of our facebook pages).

In the future, we’re planning to expand in to answering different questions you send us (we’ve already got our first one up) and making our website even more “modern” and functional.

We hope to see you subscribing, and hope that we can help you see what life is really like here!