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What is Brick City Homecoming?

Kevin Granger on Friday, 19 October 2012. Posted in Festivals

This weekend is one of the best traditions at RIT: Brick City Homecoming & Family Weekend!


The campus springs to life as it does with every festival, but this one’s even more special. As its name implies, family members come up to see the campus and visit. For many, it’s the first time they get to see their kids since they first dropped them off for college! And for everyone, it’s always a fun weekend.


The festivities kick off with some good ‘ol destruction. Okay, planned destruction. Deconstruction. So we can reconstruct. Con-... whatever, it’s the new Hockey Arena! The Tigers have long since outgrown the Frank E. Ritter arena, so we’re building the Gene Polisseni center, right where U-Lot is currently.


On Saturday, that’s when there’s a massive amount of events! Most notably, Alec Baldwin is coming to give a speech about Alec Baldwin-y things. Later that night, there’s the biggest event everyone’s been waiting for... the homecoming hockey game!


Fans crowd the shuttle busses to the Blue Cross Arena (Ritter’s far too small to hold everyone! The Poliseum will fix that however.) and free shirts are given out on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once the stadium is a sea of orange (the shirts. They’re orange.), the games begin! This time we’re playing Penn State, and we’re gonna give it our all.


These are just a small sampling of things that happen every homecoming. Keep your eyes peeled for more tweetings from us RIT Students about #RITBrickCity, and for videos and pictures coming from me (@RIT_Kevin) and my other @RIT_ comrades!