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What is Longboarding?

Becky Drexler on Sunday, 20 September 2015. Posted in Student Life

Glad you asked! Longboarding is one of many ways you can get around campus. Longboards are fairly similar to skate boards, but (as the name implies) the boards are longer and the wheels are often much quieter. They aren't really used for tricks or anything too fancy, but mainly as a way to get from point A to point B faster.

RIT has created a lovely bike path that runs parallel to the Quarter Mile, which is the main stretch of side walk that connects the residence hall side of campus to the academic side. The bike path is a nice place to longboard, roller blade, or bike without running into groups of people walking. One of the other great things about RIT is that it is a fairly flat campus. There are few slopes here and there, but most of campus is flat... which makes for easy longboarding.

Personally, I didn't learn how to longboard till fall semester of my 2nd year. I had seen people longboarding around campus, and it looked really cool. I was determined to learn how. Over the summer I learned how to wakeboard (which is like snowboarding on water), so how different could it be? One of my friends lent me his longboard and helped me practice. It took some getting used to, but now I feel totally comfortable longboarding around campus. Until I got used to riding a longboard, I would only try longboarding in parking lots or extremely flat areas. My roommates also used to longboard, so occasionally I would go with them and roll around campus to practice.

I still remember my first real "outing" with my longboard. I needed to get to the gym to meet a friend. I was running late, and I still had my friend's longboard for practice. It was late, so I wouldn't have to worry about running into anyone. It may not have been my smoothest or most graceful longboard ride, but I made it! Surprisingly, I haven't even fallen yet – one year later! *knock on wood*

What to do with your longboard?
There is so much you can do with your longboard; so many places you can go!

You can longboard to a class, with your longboard.


You can longboard to the library, with your longboard.


You can go get coffee, with your longboard.


You can go for walks, with your longboard.
(There are a few places, like the Quarter Mile, that are strictly "walk only" zones).


You can play video games, with your longboard.


You can enjoy the nice weather and flowers, with your longboard.


You can even write a blog about your longboard, with your longboard.

blog with longboard