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Arthur Johnston on Tuesday, 26 September 2006.

This quarter is flying by. It is already 4th week of 10, not counting finals week, and projects are starting to be due and mid-terms are all next week. I was going to get a start on my projects last weekend but last Saturday went something like

7-11:30 crew practice

11:30- 1 team lunch

1-7 pm fall asleep by accident

7-9 eat and realize nothing else is getting done tonight

9 go to bed

my Sunday was pretty much the same as Saturday. So this week I've got to do all the work I should have done this weekend and all the work I need to do this week, which means I'll be spending a good amount of my weekend on campus using excel. I love my home computer and laptop but neither of them have Microsoft office and I need excel to do my economic forecasting project. I'm using multiple methods to try and predict consumer pharmaceutical sales which is a lot more interesting than it sounds. I've also got a midterm in that class on Monday so all this weekend will be spent doing Economic Forecasting, so it's good that I like the subject.

One of the other neat things I'm working on is building a stool in Woodworking, which is a class I'm taking just for fun. We got to get our wood today, I got poplar and worked on it today, I cut all the pieces I needed and now I just need to shape them, so the next week should be fun, if busy.