What’s a Tora-Con?

Zachary Bokumiewicz on Wednesday, 12 March 2014. Posted in Clubs

This past weekend, RIT was overrun by characters that you may recognize from television, comic books, and other sci-fi and fantasy creations. For several years, the RIT Anime Club has put on a full-fledged convention on campus that gives students and the public the opportunity to show their best costumes and celebrate the characters and stories they love to experience.

Not many colleges can say that they have a convention like this that spreads through most of their campus, but that’s just one of the many unique events that RIT is proud to have. Tora-Con has become a great venue of self-expression for students, giving them an event where they can really show their creativity and talents off to others that share the same interests and similarities.

While I have never donned a Batman cowl for Tora-Con myself (the costume I would choose to ‘cosplay’ in if I attended), I have many friends who spend months on their outfits and preparing themselves for the day. It’s extremely impressive to me as a design major to see the amount of craftsmanship and effort that has gone into their costumes.

No matter if you’re interested in comics, cartoons, or video games, Tora-Con is a place where you can let your knowledge shine!

If you want to read more about the event and what people get to partake in, you can follow this link to the official website.