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Arthur Johnston on Wednesday, 25 April 2007. Posted in Athletics, Coursework

So in case you haven't noticed I haven't updated any of my posts lately.  This is because spring quarter is always the most full for me.  First of all it is racing season for crew.  Which means that we have a race pretty much every weekend.  So far we've raced St. Lawrence, Ithaca, University of Rochester, WPI, Tufts, RPI, Connecticut College and Clark. Next week we go to New York State Championship where we see Army, Ithaca, Marist, Hobart, Dowling and University of Rochester.  Along with crew I have my two independent studies to work on. 
We also just had spring career fair.  This is where 100+ companies come on to campus to accept resumes for co-ops and full time positions. If they like you they call you back for an on campus interview the next day.  Which if you are lucky leads to being hired.  I did fairly well at career fair, I got 5+ interviews and got the job that I really wanted.  So now I have a co-op for the summer with one of the largest financial firms in the world, UBS.  So all in all I am having a sweet quarter.
Last but not least I have a lot of work for my classes.  Almost all of them have homework every week but I don’t mind since I am learning a lot in them.  For example due to Field Biology I can now recognize the calls of all of the frogs native to Rochester.  International Trade and Finance is another class that takes a lot of time, but this is mainly because instead of just doing the work for the class I keep on getting interested in specific details which take a lot of time.  So all told this is a busy quarter.