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where's simba?

Amanda Lasicki on Tuesday, 14 November 2006. Posted in Student Life

hello, princess of procrastination here. procrastinating once again from a school computer in building seven.

its finals week. a funny thing happens around finals time. i have these messed up dreams about school.
the first time i can remember this happening was in high school. the weekend before my bio final, i had a nightmare that i hadn't brought my bio notebook home. i woke up and got out of bed at four in the morning to search my house for my bio notebook. i thought i was just being silly...until i couldn't find it. i had left it in my locker.
then last year while i was shooting my winter quarter photo final, i kept having nightmares about getting docked. getting docked means you can't use the facilities here in lovely building seven. you get docked for turning things in late. luckily, i didn't get docked that week, but it kept me on edge.
also last year, a similar situation happened as the bio story. but replace bio with art history and left the notes in my locker with left the notes in my dorm and i was three hours away. whoops.

so to add to my list of awesome places to work, the cage is SWEEEEET. i've learned a ton, both about the equipment and even from my fellow cagers. if i have a question about how to improve my work, they help a lot. also, another awesome benefit is after hours. we get to work in the labs, darkrooms, and studios late at night and on the weekends when normal students can't.

now where am i going with all this? it's finals week. i came to the computer lab to check out a station and the cager tells me i'm docked. i laugh, thinking he's kidding. he's not. the computer said i was docked until december 6th. IT'S FINALS WEEK. i haven't even taken stuff out lately, so i was confused. i asked my manager and he said it was because my afters key was turned in late...but i had turned in my afters key early. then he did some fiddling around on the computer and saw that i wasn't listed in the system as a student employee. talk about lame! anywho, that was my brush with "death" this week.

lastly, if you are a procrastinator like me, here's a word of advice. don't click on the link your friend sends you for an african web cam. who cares that it's just animals chillin by the watering hole?? it's something to distract you.