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Who Needs Sleep?

Sarah Alef on Wednesday, 09 May 2007. Posted in The Arts

Finals are coming....the trees seem to whisper it to you as you walk down the Quarter Mile.  The momentum of learning that was so evident early in the quarter has now made way for longing glances outside and general apathy.  It's 82 degrees, who wants to be in class?  The last two weeks of this quarter are proving to be the toughest ones of all.  My weekends start at 1 on Thursday, so this last weekend was a whirlwind of swing dancing, packing, and concerts.  I leave for home on the 22nd, but the storage company is coming for the majority of my stuff on the 18th, meaning that my room is a total disaster of boxes and Rubbermaid at the moment.  I also had the opportunity to attend a concert this weekend, Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm.  For anyone that's into nerdy music about math, code, or biology, I highly highly recommend.  The show felt more like stand-up comedy than a concert due to the fact that I laughed for almost three hours straight.  Here's a link to Coulton's page if anyone wants to check out some awesome musice: 

In the not so fun news, this week's pollen count is out the window, and my allergies/asthma are seriously hampering my fun.  Breathing is soooo overrated.  I've been up really late the last week also, getting ready for finals, packing, and just hanging out with the friends I'll be saying goodbye to in 13 days.  Who needs sleep when you have so little time left and so much that needs to be done?  People to see, places to go, things to do...and just thirteen days to live it up.  

(Credit for this week's blog title goes to the Barenaked Ladies, and credit for the idea to use song titles goes to Adam Richlin)