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Who the Heck is Lizz?

Lizz Sawyer on Saturday, 13 September 2014. Posted in Visiting RIT, Residence Life, Student Life, Transfer Students

Hey everyone! It's a new school year so I am going to introduce myself again.

I am Lizz, a fourth year visual media student from Syracuse, NY. I originally transferred from Utah State University but landed back in upstate NY and I love it!

I just moved to downtown Rochester in the Park Avenue neighborhood and fell in love. When you come to RIT, you have to check out some of the festivals and atmosphere of the city - it is very artsy and energetic!

So before I go off on stories and stuff I'll tell you a little about myself first and what I've done at RIT so far...

Two years ago I got to shadow a cinematographer in NYC and met Jonah Hill and James Franco - the whole experience was amazing! (except when I first met James Franco I was scratching the back of my leg and it probably looked weird because he looked at me embarrassing)

Last year I went to South Africa for a month and taught students from grades 2 through 7. I also went surfing and bungee jumping (700 ft free fall), so it was an eventful summer. 

Why do I love RIT? First off, I LOVE the campus. It is big and beautiful. I also love the way I can make my major exactly what I want. I get to fly drones with GoPros on them with my professor - that definitely beats taking tests in my opinion.

Oh, and Rochester has Bubble Ball Soccer teams...

But you'll hear all about why RIT and Rochester are amazing as the year goes on and you look at all the Ambassador blogs.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me @RIT_Lizz 

P.S. - I LOVE goats!