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Amanda Lasicki on Saturday, 23 September 2006. Posted in Clubs, Coursework, Majors & Minors, Rochester & Monroe County

goodness, i had such a busy week that i forgot to write a blog entry! yikes.

so last week the first projects/labs/quizzes happened. well, most of them had already happened but i found out my grades. and so far in my classes, i am going AWESOME. *knocks on wood* i thought M&P was gonna be killer but on all the labs i've gotten really high marks. however, we have a test on monday and i'm not so good with memorizing formulas. the other class that i'm doing really well in is my H&A class. yes, second year is all about the &. [materials&processing, history&aesthetics] in case you really wanted to know.

last night i went out to dinner with some friends. we went to this little restaurant called beale street and they have southern/cajun food, so i was in heaven. pulled pork + red beans and rice + the most amazing cornbread ever. oh man. it was delicious x10.

i don't know if i've mentioned this but IT'S FALL. and fall is my favorite season. sadly, its just not the same as it is at home. no cross country, no football games, no hills, no giant oak tree in my front lawn, no sisters. ]= well, actually even if i was home now i wouldn't really have a lot of those things.

you know what kinda sucks? money that you don't really have. like gift certificates and paychecks i have yet to cash. i need a car so i can go use these things. like my $20 starbucks gift card. oh man. once warm carmel apple cider comes into season i will be begging people for rides there on like a nightly basis.

right now i'm uploading some photos so i'll have pics of something to post. don't really know what its gonna be besides low quality. yay camera phone! oh, nothing too interesting. ]=

actually, last week i went to the beach with photohouse. it was really nice, it's this park/beach thing up 390 and it was really pretty. i was surprised.

ange gave me a card about a music downloading subscription thing. i'm trying to find good music on it. and hope they don't screw me over and charge my credit card while i have the free trial still. hmm...time to go try this. and maybe get ready for the day. ha.