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Why did I choose RIT?

Lauren Szigetvari on Monday, 25 April 2016. Posted in Visiting RIT, Admissions Process, Advising & Support, Orientation

I know applying to colleges can be one of the craziest, most stressful, and fulfilling times in a 17-year-old's life. I’ve been there and done that. I applied to about 12 other schools, and RIT was 10000000 percent my top choice. Everything else just came in short- like me (I am 5 foot 1). So the reason I’m writing to you today is because I want to tell you why I picked RIT over my other 12 colleges. 

I honestly visited RIT about 3 different times and did multiple college fairs just to talk to the same RIT representative. I was basically obsessed with RIT at this point, before I even pressed the submit button on my common app. I fell in love with RIT the minute I googled searched “best photo schools in America.” RIT was one of the first schools to show up on a website. I was immediately drawn to it when I saw it was in my home state. I wanted to stay in New York and I wanted somewhere cold, and I wanted some school that was super into hockey - slam dunk, RIT. 

As I looked into the school more, I realized that I could be literally anything my heart desired at RIT. I could take any class I want, create any club, all at RIT. I applied to tons of art schools, but then I talked with my mom and asked “Well what if I wanted to take a business class or a psychology class? What would I do then?” She had one answer - go to RIT. Besides RIT being one of the best photography schools on the east coast, the variety of choices I have is really what made it so perfect for me. If I wanted to start taking a coding class, my academic advisor could help me find a class for non-majors that is right for me. I couldn’t find that anywhere else. Also, the facilities that I get to use every day here at RIT are amazing! The third-floor cage located in the Frank Gannett building provides me with basically any camera, even Phase One cameras that cost more than your car. The fourth-floor cage can provide me with a studio that includes strobes that are used in the industry as well as the North Light Studio. Imaging Systems Lab can print anything I want at an amazing price. RIT offers it all for photography students and I will say that I will definitely be hysterically crying the last time I use a studio. 

RIT was definitely the whole package for me! I even cried when I got my big brown and orange envelope. I got everything I wanted- it was kind of like choosing a combo meal at the Chinese restaurant. I hope your selection of RIT is as easy as mine was!