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Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 02 August 2006.

a few entries back, i wrote a letter to a director of a musical. it was not a happy letter. a lot of people hear me complain about the director/certain cast members and they ask me why i keep doing shows.

why do i keep doing shows? it's simple.
it's the singing and dancing.
it's hell week.
it's when the blocking is done and the scene is yours.
it's being in character.
it's bursting out into laughter on stage.
it's water fights in the halls.
it's answering questions with lines from the show.
it's making jokes out of EVERYTHING in the show.
it's play drama.
it's singing songs from other musicals.
it's wandering around the supermarket still wearing parts of your costume.
it's going to diners with stage makeup on and shoe polish in your hair.
it's sing alongs where you automatically burst into four part harmony.
it's going on stage and trying to make the other person laugh.
it's cast parties. most definately cast parties.
it's the hushed jokes back stage.
it's running around in only half your costume back stage.
it's every performance being different.

i really need to do more shows. one per year is not gonna cut it. let's start a cars for manda fund!