Why I chose RIT

Aditi Khazanchi on Saturday, 29 April 2017. Posted in International Students

Choosing RIT was one of the best decisions I could have ever made! I am a 2nd year New Media Design student and I absolutely love my major and RIT. Here is why I chose to come to RIT.

Non-traditional art school
I did not want to go to a pure art college. I wanted a college where I could take not only design classes but classes like business, web development, psychology etc. And having the opportunity to take classes in all of those disciplines was a big reason I chose RIT. I am currently doing psychology as my immersion and web development as my minor. I might not have had that opportunity at a traditional art college.

One of a kind major
My major, New media Design, is the perfect blend of design and tech. One of the reasons why I chose RIT was that there weren't many colleges that offered a program as diverse as New Media Design - teaching us skills like 3D, motion, UI/UX, typography, illustration, web design and development.

Diverse Student Body
RIT has student body consists of students from more than 100 countries, tons of different majors, and deaf and hard of hearing students. You get just a great opportunity for multidisciplinary projects and to meet and learn from students from a variety of different cultures and majors.

Strong Co-op Program
RIT's co-op program is the one of the best and very helpful. We have a dedicated career services office that helps you through each step - writing emails, cover letters, drafting resumes, preparing for interviews etc.

Great Reviews and helpful student body
RIT was one the universities that had great online reviews along with very helpful current student body. I talked a few current students and alumni before I decided on choosing RIT, and they all had extremely positive experiences to talk about.


As an international student, the cost of tuition was a big factor for me. RIT offered both merit and need-based aid and fit well in my budget.