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Why RIT is a Perfect Fit for Me

Andrea Shaver on Wednesday, 29 April 2015. Posted in Visiting RIT, Admissions Process, Coursework, Majors & Minors, Student Life, Women at RIT

I happened upon RIT by chance my junior year of high school and had a gut feeling that this was the type of school I wanted to attend. I am from Texas so I kind of put off applying for a really long time. I wanted to find a school closer to home that was comparable to what RIT had to offer. RIT is a unique school, so I was unable to find anything like it. I am so glad I made the decision to come to RIT. Here are the major reasons I made the big decision to move to New York for school:
Entrepreneurial Resources
My first time on RIT’s campus was actually for a business plan competition. I was exposed to the resources that our Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship offers for students. Students have the opportunity to get funding for businesses, co-op credits for starting and running businesses over the summer. RIT has a Tiger Tank competition, business plan competitions, Hackathons, and a BUNCH of other awesome resources and things that you can do and utilize.  
Student Work
A major motivating factor for choosing RIT (especially as a graphic design major) was looking at the work that students are producing. A way to figure out if you will like the coursework is to see what kinds of projects students are currently working on. If you’re looking into an art or design major, I would recommend heading over to This site has links to a lot of student portfolio websites, which are cool to look at.
Imagine RIT
Imagine RIT was my first exposure to the RIT campus, and I think that this one day alone sums up everything that RIT stands for. Students from all different majors and colleges bring their projects out and put them on display. Projects range from things like hand lettering and calligraphy, to start up businesses, to a robotic s’more machine. Imagine RIT is a great way for RIT students to show off what they are working on—it definitely summed up RIT and the types of people I would be going to school with. That helped make my decision MUCH easier.
Diverse Student Body
RIT is definitely diverse in the sense of your ability to meet different types of students. I have met students from all over the world (RIT is 10% international students) and deaf and hard of hearing students (over 1,500 students on campus). There is also a lot of diversity in the number of majors offered on campus. You can be in a dining hall and have an opportunity to sit down and talk with an Environmental Sustainability, Health, and Safety major, a Computer Science major, or an Illustration major. I think that’s a really awesome opportunity.
Big School Resources, Small School Feel
You have the big school feel with so many different types of people and resources, but small school feel in the classroom. Most of my classes (labs and studios) are less than 20 students which means I know everyone in my major really well, and I know my professors well also. RIT has over 250 clubs and organizations, so there is plenty to do around campus, which is why I love that campus is bigger in that sense.
Non-traditional Art School
My last major motivating factor for choosing RIT over a traditional art school was that I wanted to be able to take classes in different disciplines. Because I am interested in business, web development, and advertising and public relations, I have had the opportunity to take classes in all of those disciplines. If I was at a traditional art school I might not have had the opportunity to take classes in so many areas of study. My design classes are very similar and comparable to classes I might take at a college that focuses just on art majors, but at RIT I can pair that with business and computing which is a really unique opportunity.
I know choosing a college is a big choice, let me know if you have any questions! I am more than glad to help. As always, reach out to me on Twitter if there's anything I can do! @AndreaShaver