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why your best friend should not be your roommate

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 19 September 2007. Posted in Student Life, The Arts

it's a mistake i've seen time and time again. a set of best friends decide to be roommates. how is this a mistake? easy. you don't get any down time. you wake up and your best friend is there, hogging the shower. you go to leave for school only to have to turn around because your best friend locked themselves out. is your best friend the same major as you? well, then. you get to school and there they are IN YOUR CLASS. SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. so then you leave and i mean, who else do you hang out with between classes? your BFF! duh! so there's more more quality time with them, but don't worry, you'll see them even more later. why? because your best friend is waiting for you when you get home, eating the cookies your mom sent you and watching tv while you're trying to do homework. all of the little things you thought you were cute when you lived two blocks away from each other now drive you up the wall.

granted, it isn't always as bad as i described. but at some point during your room-sharing experience, your roommate will bother you. who are you going to complain to if you're living with the person you would normally complain to?? i honestly don't think i could be roommates with either of my best friends. i love them dearly. but e is a slob. easiest way to put it. her floor is routinely covered with clothes after she tries on ten different outfits in the morning. to get on her computer, you have to climb over stuff and then usually sit on some towels and a hanger or two. a is the opposite. she has no clutter at all. everything has a place and she is constantly throwing out things she doesn't use. her room always looks like it belongs in a magazine, complete with cute decorative things that you think nobody actually buys. i fall in the middle. my desk is a bit cluttered and by the middle of the week, a sweatshirt, a backpack, and some shoes are usually on the floor. but then i go nuts and clean as best i can.

enough about roommates. let's talk about swing dance! at RIT you are required to take wellness courses. the choices offered are not your average high school gym courses. there's igloo building and horseback riding and bowling and all sorts of martial arts and dance classes!! (among others) i chose swing dance for this quarter because i really wanted to do something fun and i think learning to dance will actually be useful. usually people sign up with one of their friends so they can have a dance partner, but it doesn't really matter cause we continually switch partners throughout class. so far it's been tons of fun (and i haven't fallen on my face yet!) and tomorrow night i am going to go to my first swing dance club meeting! i'm really excited. everybody should learn to dance. then we can have a dance party!