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Will I Be Warm Enough?

Emily Okey on Wednesday, 11 February 2009. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County

During phone/chat power week we answered (or tried to) a lot of your questions, one of the questions that came up most frequently was "How's the weather up there?" I, of course, answer honestly it was rather unfortunate because at this time it was supposed to snow a foot the next day, so I'm sure that did not put any of your minds at ease. But not to worry! Contrary to it's bad rep, the weather in Rochester does not get that terrible. Yes it snows, yes it's windy and yeah there isn't too much sun. It's winter guys, this is supposed to happen! I've been told this has been a "light year" in terms of snow and wind so perhaps I don't know what I'm talking about. But from my experience if you dress warmly, don't hang around outside for unnecessarily long periods of time you should be just fine. 

We've gotten our fair share of snow so far and it's only mid February so I'm sure there's more of that to come. 



(these pictures are from a few weeks ago when we got tons of snow.. now it's almost all gone!) 

This past week has been unseasonably warm. It's so warm and the snow has melted so much that it feels like SPRING! I've been taking full advantage of this by going out for walks, taking the long way to class, not wearing a winter coat and playing outside at 11 pm at night without a sweatshirt!! I Last night I happened to notice on my lovely dashboard (yay macs!) that it was 51 degrees outside! Since I had finished up my homework (or as much as I was going to get done) for the night so my roommate and I wandered over to our friend's floor and got them to come outside. It's so funny running around without a jacket in February. 

Second to the weather question was "What the heck do I wear/buy to survive the winters?" This question mostly came from out of towners (from warm climates) so I'll try to give some advice on local places. When you arrive in August for Orientation week it will be so warm that you will not even want to consider thinking about a winter coat but come mid-October you'll really wonder where those gloves are. Rochester, much like every other city, has stores... imagine that! Unless you really feel the need, don't worry about buying everything before you get here. 

Places to Purchase Warm Clothing

Rochester Market Downtown
they sell stuff for super cheap so this is an excellent place to get one or two dollar hats, mittens, ear warmers & scarves. 

also a good place for very cheap hats, gloves, etc. 

Burlington Coat Factory
located conveniently right down the road, they have a wide selection of winter coats. 

there isn't a store around here, but this is a good online source for winter coats <--- my coat is from here! 

Lands' End
same as llbean, no store around but they have good coats. 

As you probably guessed, there are endless amounts of stores with winter coats. It's good to go at the end of the winter season because lots of stores mark down the coats significantly. You'll be surprised how quickly you'll adapt to the cold weather too. I'm used to virtually no snow at home and after the third or fourth snowfall it didn't even phase me if there was sleet in my face. I knew that I had to get to class, so I went. It only takes about 10 or 12 minutes to get to class anyway so you'll be back in the warmth soon and then the contrast feels amazing. 

Oh yeah, and there is no such thing as looking stupid!! If you're cold, wear whatever and as much as you want, no one will make fun of you :) Just walking down the quarter mile you'll see some pretty silly styles but it doesn't even matter because they're probably really warm!