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Will It Ever Stop Snowing?!?

Cory Gregory on Tuesday, 30 January 2007. Posted in Coursework, Rochester & Monroe County

The answer to the question in this post's title is.. no. I've learned that it doesn't ever stop snowing in Rochester. Actually, it seems like there is some form of precipitation every day here. I've tried keeping track and I'm pretty sure that it has snowed for at least two weeks straight now. Not that I really have a problem with snow, but I do have a problem with slush. It just gets everything all wet and disgusting..

Anyways, my Computer Science II class was assigned a second project for the quarter. Our assignment is to create a chat program (like AIM) that uses a graphical user interface (GUI). We just started working with GUI's this week so the department is keeping our work with that pretty minimal. I'm glad to start using GUI's because that is where all the fun seems to come in. As a programmer, you actually get to create programs that are visually appealing as well as something that people might actually use. We weren't given very much time to work on the project though. We were told about it yesterday and the final project is due in three weeks!

Since RIT has a large deaf/hard-of-hearing population, I've decided to post a different sign every week. Two reasons for this: 1.) I find sign language to be extremely interesting and hope that others do too, and 2.) I need to learn more sign language so I can actually communicate with some deaf/hard-of-hearing students. So, since I have lots of this to do this week, the sign for this week is.. homework!
homework sign

To sign homework, begin with an O-shape on your mouth. Then move the hand down, make a fist (a.k.a. the sign for "s") with both hands, and touch your wrists together. This image is taken from a clip on the American Sign Language Browser. On that website, you can find the video for the sign for homework along with videos of many other signs. That's all for now!