wine managment?

Amanda Williams on Wednesday, 09 September 2009. Posted in Coursework

This week was hopefully my last first week of classes.  Not that I haven’t completely enjoyed my time at RIT ( I wouldn’t have stuck around so long if I didn’t!), but I am going on my 6th year now and ready for my second graduation!

This quarter will be rather exciting.  My class Monday night (yes labor day, one of the joys of attending a private school) was wine management!  Going into the class I was not all too sure what to expect.  I knew it wouldn’t be like the undergrad wine classes, Wines of the World or Wine and Food Pairing, where you learn about actual wine making and have the pleasure of wine tasting every week.  Wine Management is more focused on the business aspects of the industry.  The first two weeks we will spend on wine basics, the history of the industry, wine production, basic vocabulary, etc.  But after that we will focus on topics like wine marketing, laws and regulations, the impact of the current economic conditions, emerging wine markets, challenges in the marketplace, etc.  Should make for an unique class! 



I promise to blog more this year, hopefully weekly! I started strong last year but tapered off around Christmas.