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WOOT! I Passed!

Jon-derek Castagno on Wednesday, 08 November 2006.

So tonight was the big day for OS Scripting, the practical. I passed in fact I got a high A. I am so excited I was pretty nervous throughout the whole thing; by far the most nervous I have been during any practical yet. The practical was pretty tricky and the majority of the class stayed till the very end, in fact a lot of students didn’t finish the exam in the allotted time. So I suspect the class average will be low for this exam. I was forced to employ a number of hacks in order to get my programs to work. For instance I didn’t do my computation in the end block but line by line because I couldn’t get everything working the way I wanted. That is frowned upon because it is not clean and efficient code. But who cares! I don’t, ha-ha. I know have to get some grading done a class because the students should find out how they are doing before the final. So I am off to do that, cya later