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World Series Bound

Patricia Schiotis on Monday, 26 October 2009. Posted in Athletics

I have never been a TV watcher.  I could never just sit down and watch hours of television.  I was always the type of person who would rather be outside playing some sport, working, or doing homework.  The only time I ever get distracted by the TV is for baseball, not just any baseball but Yankees baseball.  I can always have that on in the background while trying to complete my many tasks.  But the only time I can’t just listen to the game as background noise is for postseason play.  Every play is a stressful moment that could make or break the game.  It is all on the line if they are going to win the ultimate prize, the World Series.


So on Sunday night, when I should have been studying, I was too focused on the game.  I just wanted the Yankees to clinch their bid to the World Series.  It seems like forever ago that they even played in the World Series, let alone win.  But this year they have a chance to win another title.  Once the games start, I will hopefully not stress over the outcome of the games and focus on my schoolwork.  But everyone needs that slight escape from the chaos we call studying.  Gooooo Yankees!044.jpg052.jpg059.jpg

Note: These are not pictures are not from the Championship Series but from the Yankee Game I attended in the beginning of September while they were in Toronto.