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Alissa Anderson on Wednesday, 04 August 2010. Posted in Community Service, Coursework, Study Abroad

The end of the summer is similar to the start of the season - everyone around me is getting out of summer classes, returning from co-op, and arriving back to Clifton Park from months abroad over the school break. I myself am T-minus 7 days until the end of my co-op block so I have been discussing opportunities in the company for next summer... I had a really really great experience working this summer - awesome introduction to the co-op "real work" experience. From my comparison to other first time interns I really was exposed to a lot and had a chance to test out my engineering skills. I have to say that it really did take me 8 weeks to get into the work and figure out what exactly engineering careers entail, and what type of work/life balance I want to have when I graduate. 

Albany is surprisingly a really large area for engineering opportunities in the state. Everywhere from privately owned practices to the big name research companies like KAPL, GE, and General Dynamic. It's safe to say I have a lot of choices when it comes to work, and great benefits for the area and living (for free with mom and dad).  However, as my friends come home from their foreign lands I get the urge to branch out and test out other states/countries for my future co-ops. Now, you may laugh at me when I say my big adventure is Buffalo... but it is going to be my first time in an apartment with a roommate and living and working on my own! Plus Buffalo is a big city with a great college town so I am ready to check out the scene and live life Buffalo-style. 

For those of you who don't consider Buffalo to be an adventure check out these girls and their summer adventures: 

Amanda just came back from an 8-week intensive Arabic course in Tunisia, Africa 


MJ is due home Friday from a six-week internship studding the National Parks located in Skagway, Alaska 

Laura has been home for a few weeks now... but she spent her summer bouncing around the world supporting a green-movement and planting trees along the way... check her out while in Jakar: 
If you are planning on wandering away from home, or from Rochester, there are hundreds of options... from research and/or schooling, to community service or internships. 

The Buffalo Bucket List is underway and Mighty Taco is calling my name! 

Your soon-to-be-716'er,