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Worries and nothing but worries

Carline Vargas on Saturday, 31 May 2008. Posted in Advising & Support, Faculty

Why is it that all we have is worries and more worries. It causes nothing but more stress.

My last day at the office was this past Friday. I will be popping in and out from time to time. I will be taking classes.

The big BUT....

I need to work. I can't afford daycare without working. Then it puts me in the this place of... Where am I going? Have I found my niche? All of my passions I cannot combine all at once.

One of my counselors has encouraged me to write a book. I am still thinking about it I just can't write. I have a learning disabilities, which has made me struggle throughout my educational career. One of my professors has helped me map it out but I am not yet motivated to do it because I feel I cannot do it.

I started to think about all those people who have their passion and are still struggling to achieve them. I saw this video that my brother-in-law featured in:

It made me think. It took him a long time to find his passion and now he is that "starving artist". My sorority sister is in the same boat. She has a degree in theater but yet she struggles to live her dream. I am afraid of that, struggling for a dream or even going for my dream. I am scared because of all the negative things that have been put in my mind.

However, my family and close faculty members have been encouraging me and supporting me through this time.

Who know what will come next but I know that I live life one day at a time.