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wouldn't it be nice?

Amanda Lasicki on Sunday, 02 July 2006. Posted in Coursework, Residence Life

now that all my friends are starting their first year of college within the next few months, i have this new found excitement of going back to school. last year i didn't want to leave everybody, but now that everybody else is leaving too, it's all good!! and it helps that half of everybody is coming to rochester.

my friends keep asking me about dorms and what they need to bring and all sorts of things. it's not that they don't know what to bring, they're just nervous and freaking out. heh, last year i brought one of my florida roommates dorm shopping with me...she was a freshman in high school. and while i was running around going "WHAT DO I NEED WHAT DO I NEED??" she was like "amanda...lets start with the basics. sheets. towels."

i am so excited for my townhouse. last night i was walking to the beach and i passed these new townhouses they had built and they had little back patios. they were a ton nicer than the ones at RIT [and they also cost probably ten times more] but like, just looking at the people hang out in the small yard, i could envision life in the townhouse next year. i really can't wait to have more room at school besides like a dorm room and a hall.

on another random RIT related thing...i got a roll of film developed from the school year. about half of it was taken in february and there's pictures from hockey games and just random floor shots. including what the floor could look like on a rearranging night. i'm gonna scan them next week so i can post them. the other half of the roll was from my last day and a half at the school. i'm not sure if i posted about that yet, but basically i hung out with people until like 2 am and then my roommate and i realized that we needed to rearrange. then we decided to have a sleepover in the lounge. then the next morning while waiting for mikey z to wake up, tiffy and i ran around campus and played under the sentinel.

AND in totally not related to ANYTHING news. go see superman. it's a good movie. and he's hot.