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WOW Heroes is Amazing

Jon-derek Castagno on Monday, 26 February 2007. Posted in Student Life

The best hour of television is an understatement. This previous episode of heroes was by far the best that has ever been shown on TV to this date. I cannot believe Claire’s father is really good guy deep down he really cared about his daughter and was willing to let her go in order for her to be protected and letting the Haitian wipe his mind when he knew what that does was very touching. Claude, man Claude worked for the company can you believe it? I can’t believe that. It does explain why he has such a complicated history with Claire’s father and to think that Claire’s father was able to attack and successfully take Claude out with multiple shots and yet he got away was definitely amazing.

So as I said in my earlier post about Charlie not wanting to pay for meals well after he had read my post he decided to come to my point of view and paid for a meal, only one meal though he refused to pay for anything more than one of my meals but it was a least one. The G-men comeback tonight finally after so many days of being gone. I have practically been living in the room while they were gone keeping an eye out on it (I mean they also have a TV so I was watching getting quite a bit Ha-Ha). Prison break was also pretty good turns out the tape isn’t really worth that much because there is no original air date so therefore there is no way to prove that conversation at happen before the president’s brother died. On top of that it looks as if they’re going to get caught next episode the FBI is there and knows what room they are in and its pretty intense if I may say so myself.

Command and Conquer 3. I have been waiting over half a decade for this game to come out. I love the command and conquer series that was originally done by Westwood but now has been bought by EA. The demo is only out but man that is all I am playing; I have been waiting the entire day for this game and I am so happy it came out I have been refreshing the page constantly waiting for the ability to download the demo.