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Wrapping Things Up

Sarah Alef on Wednesday, 25 April 2007. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County

There is less than a month to go before I leave for the summer.

Kinda scary isn't it? To realize that time has gone by that fast, and to realize that in only 3 weeks, I'll be home.  I've decided to store my stuff here in Rochester over the summer, since it's cheaper to do that then have my dad drive up from Chicago and pay for gas and a hotel.  Also, one of my friends graciously offered to drive me to Buffalo during finals week, which means that I get to fly home!  Flying out of Buffalo for some reason is approximately $120 (that's one way!!!) cheaper than flying out of Rochester, so not only does it save me a ton of money, but it also means that I'll be home the same day I leave.  I love flying, and I desperately HATE trains.  Amtrack has yet to be less than 5 hours late when returning to Chicago.  When I took the bus home for Easter, it got me there approximately 5 hours faster than the train.  I find that somewhat depressing.

On a slight tangent, the weather has been gorgeous out this week, and I have recently taken up swing dancing, since I'm unable to row still.  People have been giving me rides to Tango Cafe downtown, and the lessons so far have been quite a lot of fun.  Mind you, I'm getting schooled by people twice my age and older, not to mention my peers, but all in all, it's a good time.  It also gets me off campus for something other than church and groceries, which is happy.  Hooray for swing dancing and meeting random people!