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You Can Write with Both Hands???

Peter Dunning on Sunday, 07 March 2010. Posted in Advising & Support, Campus Safety, Coursework, Residence Life, Student Life

So I have not been on in a while.  This is due to the fact that I went on a Ski Trip to Bristol at the end of January. And during this, I broke my left wrist Frown  It was terrible because It was in the middle of the quarter and I'm left handed.  

The plus side to this is I was provided with a test taker, who would write my exams for me!!! Awesome right?  There's more.  
I even had double time on my exams.  

My FYE teacher and one of the ME Admins worked with me in order to make sure I had all the help I needed.  They even offered to take all my classes and give me an Incomplete so I could take them when my wrist healed.  I told them that I would tough it out and take my exams anyways.  This would take a lot of dedication and hard work.

Unfortunately, the first exam I took with a note taker didn't go so hot, since it was Physics and I think by writing.  So I solved this problem by taking my notes in class with my right hand.  So I took my exams right handed and it just took me a LOT longer.  Now I can say that I can write with both hands, which is pretty awesome. And I did very well on my other Calculus exams and Physics Exams.  Overall the quarter went amazing, grade-wise and I did better with my right hand then I did last quarter with my left.

Just goes to show you that you can surprise yourself and do very well if you work hard:)