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You Know It's Finals Week When....

Emily Okey on Monday, 07 November 2011. Posted in Academic Calendar, Student Life

With a quarter system, things move pretty quickly around here. It seems like we've just made it through midterms and all of a sudden it's week ten and time to start studying for finals. No matter how many quarters I've been here, it always tends to sneak up on me.

There are a few key ways to know that final week is looming:

1. The couches are full of sleeping people. 

2. On that same note, Facebook is loaded with statuses of people comparing how little sleep they got the night before. (Or how many shots of caffeine they took).

3. Library is packed. I was shocked this quarter to see the library packed on week 3. I mean, the majority of the time I do my homework at home or in the art building (the Mac labs there) so I can't say I spend too much time in the library itself. But it was PACKED! And even more so this week. The libraries hours change for finals time as well & you'll see pizza delivery guys pulling up out back.

4. PJ's to class. The need to dress up apparently breaks down during week 10 and finals week and you'll see more and more people wearing hoodies and PJ pants. (Although, anyone near the business building is always dressed looking ready for wall street with a suit & tie)

5. Dining services sends out this email: 


It usually happens that people are either wildly short on debit at the end of the quarter or have tons left. The Commons (a food place down on the residence hall side) does a special end of the quarter meal that is way more expensive than any other time - mostly for people looking to get rid of debit. Although sometimes people will order giant sheet pizzas for their friends. It's a nice break for those who live out of vending machines for the week. 

I'm sure there are many more things that I forgot but that's the basic rundown.

We're on Monday of week 10 for classes (which means this is the last week for them) and final exams are up next! Quickly followed by a week long Thanksgiving break which is going to be oh so necessary.