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Zombie Chronicles: Episode 1

Tanner Newcomb on Tuesday, 20 September 2011. Posted in Clubs, Residence Life, Student Life

HvZ: Humans vs. Zombies.

This is Doug.  He is a human.  Note his Nerf gun and arm-bandanna.  I stumbled upon him in the College of Science around 8:15 this morning, on my way to work.  His presence is indicative of one of RIT's most popular and serious activities: Humans versus Zombies.

Whether you're new to RIT or been here a while, you've definitely heard of it.   Twice a year, HvZ posseses all of campus in a flurry of bright green and Nerf guns.  I have never participated, only observed, but I'm here to say.... this "game" is legit.  Never have I ever seen anything like it.  Students of all shapes and ages, majors and minors, come together to live out America's favorite horror genre The Zombie Apocalypse. 

I've decided to chronicle as much of the action as I can, and here's my first installment.  Even as I type, my view out the window is spotted with bright green fabric and fluorescent yellow toy guns.  More info and media to come as I receive it.  Until then, check out the link below for more info and follow my Twitter feed for live updates on the happenings!

Stay alive, my friends. 

PS - Let's all wish Doug the best of luck in his survival.