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So...Why RIT?

(February 26 2014) Written by: Zachary Bokumiewicz in Visiting RIT

By far the most frequently asked question on my tours. Everyone wants to know, the microphones are in my face and the...

Global Game Jam

(February 25 2014) Written by: Carl Domingo

Last time, I took a bit of time to talk about the iOS App Challenge, which you can find here: This...

Making the Decision to Study Abroad

(February 13 2014) Written by: Amanda Barton in Study Abroad

One of the opportunities that we, as college students, have is the chance to study in a foreign country.  RIT specifically has...

The iOS App Challenge

(February 12 2014) Written by: Carl Domingo

My favorite thing about programming is learning by doing it. I’m not one of those people that enjoys sitting in lectures or...

Your Future Res Hall Life at RIT!

(February 11 2014) Written by: Emma Rogers in Residence Life

College is meant to be a rite of passage for a reason: you begin to understand yourself and your goals more precisely,...

My Last Semester of School Ever

(February 10 2014) Written by: Christina Brooks in Student Life

This semester marks the last chunk of classes ever. As a graduating senior, this is something really weird to think about. Graduation...

Being on Co-op. Living on Campus.

(February 07 2014) Written by: Emily O'Shaughnessy in Co-op, Innovation, Life After RIT, Majors & Minors, RIT Behind The Scenes, Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life, Women at RIT

Since just before the beginning of RIT's spring semester, I have been on co-op with a company just outside Rochester called Crosman....

High school confusion to college confidence!

(January 11 2014) Written by: Lizz Sawyer

In high school I loved my photography classes, my gym classes and study hall...So to say the least, when it came to...

The University Decision

(January 06 2014) Written by: Matthieu Dora in Admissions Process

As I’m sure you’re all well aware by now, deciding upon what university you want to attend can be a nerve wracking,...